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Homepage 100% Remote
100% remote
The entire company formation & bank account opening are done online. No paper signatures, no snail mail, no fax!
Homepage Operate like Local
operate like a local
We give you everything you need as a non-US founder or entrepreneur to run your company in the US like a local.
Homepage Worry Free Compliance
worry-free compliance
Don't worry about annual compliance, we'll help you file the necessary forms with the State Government & Tax Department

We Build the Pad
You Launch!

Stop worrying about the boring stuff, let us build your launchpad. You just focus on your launch day.

File Application for U.S. Company

With our help, we will file the application and register your company in record time with no fuss whatsoever! Doing it alone can be a daunting task, so why not let our staff of professionals handle it for you?

Get Bank Accounts & Payment Processing

When a company is formed, one of the first tasks it needs to do is get a bank account. We help you to apply for two banks right away and provide consultation on how to apply for your Stripe and Paypal account to start accepting payments.

Run Your Company with Our Partner Perks

We make it our priority to see you succeed.  That's why we offer our you over $500,000 worth of startup perks from our partners to help you grow your company. Scroll down to see our partner rewards

Stress-free Annual Compliance

It is crucial that you choose the right company to take care of this responsibility for your business. When we take on this responsibility, we take care of all of your ongoing state filings, so you won't have to worry about missing deadlines or making costly mistakes.

Everything You need to Run Your US Company Like a Local

Homepage US bank account
US Bank Account(S)
We'll help you open two US bank accounts without setting foot in the US! Remote Account Opening is definitely possible!
Homepage US Debit Cards
U.S. Debit Cards For You & Employees
Get your US Company debit cards, which charge no transaction fees inside and outside the US. They're also compatible with Apple Pay!
Homepage Stripe and Paypal
We provide consultation to get your Stripe and Paypal accounts. We'll walk you through the whole process to get it approved on the first try.
Homepage startup perks
Over $500K Startup Perks
Fuel your company with startup rewards & perks from our partner network. Imagine all the savings that go towards your business growth!
Homepage US mailing address
U.S. Mailing Address
A mailing address to receive mails from the government and cheques from your customers
Homepage US Phone Number and Fax
US Phone Number And Fax
Get U.S. Phone and Fax Numbers from any 50 U.S. states and 1000+ cities for your business.
Homepage Amazon Seller
Amazon Seller Account
If you want to sell on Amazon FBA, our experienced consultants can guide you through Amazon's convoluted approval process.
Homepage Address Utility Bill
Address With Utility Bill
Address that comes with a utility bill that can prove your presence in the U.S, which might be required by some institutions.
Homepage EIN Number
We help you to get your EIN for your company and ITIN for you, fast!
Homepage Tax Advice
1:1 Tax & Accounting Advice
Consultation with our accounting & tax experts who've experience in serving non-US founders

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Our Partner Perks

Receive over $500,000 in rewards and perks from our partner network. Anything under the sun to get your new business off to a good launch!

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Customer Voices

StartFleet came recommended to us by a trusted friend and they completely exceeded our expectations. The team at StartFleet was very professional and helped us set up our company and bank accounts in just a week.

Luna Qiao
Bella Consultancy LLC

I finally got a US Amazon Seller Account through StartFleet, after struggling for two years in my own country. Everything went smoothly with them. They took care of the incorporation process and offered a lot of free perks that saved me so much money in the long run.

Patrice Jabot
Equalize Ltd

Everyone on the team seems to have their own area of expertise and they are always willing to help where needed. They have given us sage advice and concrete steps for our US branch strategy. I am very excited about our new tax structure.

Edward Chen
Harbridge Partners

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You could do things the old way and try to navigate the uncharted waters of forming a company in a distant land
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Or you could just enlist StartFleet to give you everything you need to run your US company like a local!
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Julius Caesar, Roman General & Statesman

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Walt Disney, American Entrepreneur

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