Our Pledge to Stripe Climate

We are dedicated to weaving a collaborative, altruistic culture into the very fabric of our everyday lives. That is why StartFleet has joined Stripe Climate Program – A program that allows online businesses to direct funds towards technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere directly.

Our Pledge

We pledge that for every $100 you spend at StartFleet, 1% of the proceeds will be donated towards the fight against climate change.

Where does it go to?

The 1% Pledge is directed towards the fight against climate change via Stripe Climate. The funds will be used to support and scale new technologies that are on the frontier of exploring large-scale CO2 removal technologies that result in massive negative carbon emissions

What is Stripe Climate?

The Stripe Climate program is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of new technologies that can mitigate climate change. The program aims for large-scale removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, which will reduce global warming in a significant way. Businesses can pledge a portion of revenue from their Stripe account towards the Stripe Climate program.

More information about the Stripe Climate Program could be found here


Why Stripe Climate?

StartFleet believes there are three ways to counteract climate change: through negative emissions, sustainable energy, and efficient energy. These three pillars are interdependent in advancing technologies and techniques for next-generation environmental solutions to combat climate change.

The climate challenge we are currently facing requires new thinking and a fresh perspective. The approach taken by Stripe Climate is in line with our core beliefs and principles. StartFleet chose to support Stripe Climate because it is adopting a ground-breaking approach that focuses on early stage start-ups that are testing new technologies that have the potential to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester it into long-term storage. StartFleet believes that these emerging technologies will usher in a new era of environmental protection and be an potent weapon in the fight against climate change..

In participating as part of StartFleet's 1% Pledge, you can rest assured your money is going towards a better planet for future generations.

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